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The Incredible Book Eating Boy

The Incredible Book Making Workshop: 

Bootworks Theatre welcomes you to participate in a fun filled, interactive workshop for ages 4-7. Henry loves books but not like you and I love books!  Come join Henry, “The Incredible Book Eating Boy”, and teach him that reading books is a lot more fun than eating them! The children are invited to write, illustrate and present their own stories with Henry and his friends; letting their imaginations run wild. Themes covered in this workshop include: reading, illustrating, storytelling, encouraging literacy and presentational skills. Duration: 90 minutes This workshop also accompanies our touring show The Incredible Book Eating Boy.

The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad

Frank Feelbad:

This unique workshop, designed for ages 5+, deals with sensitive issues in a positive way. Bootworks takes you on Frank Feelbad’s journey which focusses on imagination, loss, memory and relationships. This is explored through imagery, storytelling, story making, sharing of ideas and developing strategies for coping when sad things occur. Duration: 60 minutes Material gathered from these workshops will contribute to a new show “The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad.”

Bespoke Workshops

In addition to these workshops Bootworks are able to create bespoke workshops to a theme of your choice and to support the primary curriculum.


If you would like to arrange a workshop or require any further information please contact our Education Coordinator Sophia Walls:



Phone: 07779969698

Craft Workshops

Bootworks offer a range of highly creative and inspiring craft workshops using both traditional and contemporary skills based upon an eclectic variety of themes and ideas. All of our craft workshops can be catered to your specific needs and requirements.


Bootworks will provide all art resources and materials.

Craft workshops are available from ages 4+