Tiny Live Art

Part re-enactment, part archive, part hobby, Tiny Live Art embodies theories and practices of performance documentation, re-enactment and the making and sharing of memory, and draws from aspects of street art, installation and hobbyist pursuits like model railway and airfix kit building. Taking inspiration from artists like Slinkachu, Isaac Cordal, Liliana Porter, Lisa Swirling and Jimmy Cauty, Tiny Live Art uses miniature figures and dioramas to create tiny sculptures of seminal performance works.

Robert has recently finished working with Live Art Development Agency on a special edition of 20 Tiny Live Art works to mark LADA’s 20th anniversary in 2019.

You can buy the latest series from their Unbound site.


Premiered at Forest Fringe (2013),

Stockton International Riverside Festival (S.I.R.F.) (2015)

Tate Modern, Bankside (2017)

The Live Art Development Agency (2018-19)

Theatre and Performance Research Asscocation (TaPRA) Conference (2018)

Tiny Live Art is a PaR project with various iterations and incarnations. It was originally commissioned as a durational installation (Forest Fringe, 2013), then re-devised as a community/audience feedback model (S.I.R.F., 2015), and is currently developing as an ongoing hobby project, with guerrilla installations at Tate Modern, Bankside (2017), and The Live Art Development Agency (2018-19). More research and exchange events are planned in 2019. If you’re interested in commissioning this idea, get in touch.

I was stunned by the model when I saw it at Forest Fringe. All of the models were very beautiful. Its super nice of Robert to let us have ours. it’s even tinier than I remember!

Eileen Evans
Executive Director
Forced Entertainment


I like my little model of a performance called I MISS YOU by Robert. Maybe more macabre than the the real event…and funnier.

Franko B